Invasive Species

The Invasive Carp Problem

Labelled as Copi in the food industry, invasive Asian carp species have become troublesome in the Illinois River and various other river systems across the Midwest. These carp have negatively impacted the sportfish industry in rivers and lakes, led to the decimation of recreational water sports, and caused damage to the native ecological balance of aquatic ecosystems throughout the United States. Despite concerted efforts, eradicating them has proven to be impossible.  

What You Need to Know...

Due to their rapid reproduction rates, aggressive feeding habits, and lack of natural predators in non-native ecosystems, invasive carp wreak havoc on our native waterways. These fish outcompete native species for food and habitat, disrupt aquatic food chains, and degrade water quality through their waste. Their ability to quickly populate and colonize new habitats poses a significant threat to biodiversity and ecosystem stability.

Controlling invasive carp populations involves a combination of strategies, including physical barriers such as electric fences or underwater sound cannons to deter their movement, targeted harvesting efforts to reduce their numbers, and research into biological control methods. Public education plays a crucial role in preventing their further spread and raising awareness about their ecological impact.

The Invasive Carp


Bighead & Silver Carp

Mississippi River Basin

The spread of invasive carp from the southern United States into the north via the Mississippi River basin poses a significant ecological threat to freshwater ecosystems across the nation. Originally introduced for aquaculture and flood control purposes, these aggressive fish species, including silver and bighead carp, have rapidly multiplied and established thriving populations. Their ability to outcompete native species for resources and disrupt delicate ecological balances has led to widespread concerns among scientists, conservationists, and policymakers. As they continue to expand their range upstream, invasive carp jeopardize the biodiversity and economic interests reliant on healthy river systems throughout the Mississippi River basin. This highlights the urgent need for comprehensive and aggressive mitigation strategies to prevent further prolifieration.